(Community Manager)

Want to live in the Hawaii of Europe on the edge of an ocean cliff surrounded by the big blue Atlantic? 

Volunteer 10- 15hr weekly (2 months minimum) to be a part of the Dwell Azores Community!

What’s expected from a “Dwellper”?

  • socializing, meeting new people and chatting
  • organizing outdoor activities (diving, hiking, surfing, kayaking, trips to the farmers markets, etc.)
  • making people smile with indoor activities (cooking nights, BBQs, movie and game nights, etc.) 
  • taking guests to amazing experiences around the island
  • occasionally doing laundry or preparing rooms for guests 
  • pick-ups/drop-off of guests at the airport on demand
  • helping guests with check-in
  • making sure house and kitchen supplies are available (cereals, milk, fruits, coffee, washing liquid, etc.)
  • interested in social media? Help us with our accounts!

Other responsibilities:

  • maintaining all spaces cleanliness in between our twice per week contracted cleaning
  • occasionally doing laundry or preparing rooms for guests
  • helping guests with check in
  • making sure house kitchen supplies are on the shelf: cereals, milk, fruits, coffee etc.

What you will receive:

  • accommodation in a loft or private room (depending on availability)
  • an amazing opportunity to interact and grow with the digital nomad community in the Azores; a chance to experience Sao Miguel island as a local
  • access to a car
  • all amenities guests of Dwell have access to (including free simple breakfast, co-working, private office space to work from and booths)
  • free laundry

If you’re interested in having an amazing adventure in the Azores, contact us below  to schedule a call. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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