Hey there, you already know you would❣️to stay at Dwell, but you have a few questions. We made this list of the most common ones to help you plan your trip.


No simple answer to this question. There is bus service on the islands but buses mostly go between cities and not to many of the natural sites you may want to visit or hike. If you are working from Dwell you may want to chat with other guests in the slack channel and arrange renting a car together on your days off.

Yes, less than 1 minute walk from our door. We are well connected to Ponta Delgada city. Costs around 2.5EUR one way and takes about 40 minutes.

You can take a bus, but it’s tricky from the airport. We recommend taking a taxi when you first arrive (around 18-20 EUR) and work out buses later 🚕 Taxis are waiting at the airport.  Tell them “Dwell Azores in Fenais da Luz” (we are on Google Maps). Unfortunately, Uber is not on the island. 


Yes, each private bedroom has its own chair and desk in addition we have two calling booths built in our large coworking space. You can schedule these for particular hour slots.

We have guests working across many time zones at Dwell. Most guests work CET or close to it. EST workers are welcome too, but if you have many calls past 8:00pm we request you use a calling booth or the desk provided in your room.

Our village has one mini-market that you can buy most food basics at, as well as limited fresh fruit and vegetables. The nearest supermarket is around 8 min drive from Dwell. You will have an opportunity to ride with Dwell staff when they shop or it’s quite easy to hitch a ride with other guests (if you are nice) 🙂

No, co-living is not really like a hotel in that regard. A cleaner comes to clean the entire Dwell house twice per week, BUT all daily cleaning upkeep is the shared responsibility of guests. Cleaning up after yourself is expected anytime you use a common room, especially the kitchen. 🧹 

If you’d like your room cleaned by our staff, please let us know and we’ll arrange it for you. 

YES, to be respectful of your friends living with you at Dwell you must take extra effort to help clean. You also want to recycle too, right? You will help with recycling and setting the bag of recycling or garbage outside too. No joke. 🙂


It depends on what interests you. If you are interested in city life, culinary world, clubs and culture maybe a week or two. If you are interested in nature, activities like hiking, surfing, diving, kayaking etc. You can spend months or longer without repeating yourself.

A variety of activities take place at Dwell each week. The most constant ones being a BBQ or dinner night (typically on Fridays) and another activity often a game night, discussion or movie night (typically on Sundays). In addition to this throughout the week there are often invites for swimming, hiking, surfing, hot springs and restaurants. These activities often are created by guests for guests. Community. 

We invite you to live in a place with others who likely are eager to share experiences, socialize, and grow with each other. The people you meet while working/living at Dwell are often living the nomadic life, they come from all corners of the globe and have a lot to offer. We have weekly social events, often BBQ’s, cooking nights, movie nights etc. We often share meals together spontaneously, go on hikes, morning swims, yoga, meditation. When you stay at Dwell you ARE the community. Come participate and share what you can to others while here.